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Riot Games is one of the largest video game publishers on the planet, and League of Legends (LoL) is Riot’s most successful title, with an estimated 140+ million monthly players worldwide. We are proud to be the crafters of LoL Esports content and much more!   

Release Date: Always-On year round content
Platforms: YouTube, Shorts, Instagram, Twitter/X

Liquid Media
with the Assist







In 2020, Riot needed a partner with both endemic game knowledge and broad production expertise to help market its global League of Legends Esports competitive scene, and we ticked both boxes.

Highlights, gameplay, longform, educational, short form, trending, we’ve produced almost every format for almost every platform, and we’re still going strong.

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the cup clash

Nike is the biggest athletic brand on the planet, with a constant eye on the changing landscape of sports. Enter the world of esports. In seeing how gaming brings together communities all over the world, Nike engaged Liquid Media to create an interactive gaming experience for their large fan network around the globe.

Release Date: Nov-Dec 2022
Platforms: Twitch, Instagram, Twitter

Events by the fans for the fans




Signed Players



During World Cup 22, we produced both an in-store Rocket League tournament in London and a 4-country live broadcast tournament, all for Nike members, with finalists living like esports rock stars for an entire week.

Liquid Media worked with one of Nike’s integrated agency teams and coordinated a host of local vendors in London, Paris and the Netherlands to make sure the events went off seamlessly. How? We just did it.

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League Championship Series

Honda has a deep history in gaming, partnering over the past decade with some of the most storied video gaming franchises. In partnership with Riot Games, Honda wrapped multiple vehicles with League of Legends dragons, and they needed a partner who understood the game to produce high-impact broadcast spots featuring each vehicle for Twitch and YouTube.

A Gameplay Driven Commercial

Liquid Media shot the cars in an organic environment, then utilized VFX to alter the practical world in a way that mirrors how the world changes in-game, keeping the integrity of the vehicles intact while nodding to subtle game cues for game enthusiasts throughout each spot.

The spots ran consistently during Riot’s live US broadcast, which is more popular in the 18-34 audience than pro baseball, hockey and soccer. Response from Honda and Riot stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, but more importantly, true fans of the game thought it was pretty badass. GG dragon slayers.

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Social Media
& Influencer Marketing

Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, has been building powerful, high-end gaming PCs and peripherals for almost 30 years. Looking to connect with their audience on a deeper level, they called Liquid Media.

Influencer Strategy and Ambassador Program







Our approach included recruiting diverse and influential creators who share a passion for gaming and top-notch gaming technology. These creators, representing various hobbies and interests, became advocates for Alienware, expanding the brand's reach to a broader audience.

Beyond digital collaborations, we closely partnered with Alienware to transform their presence at key industry events like TwitchCon. The objective was to ignite excitement for Alienware and their Hive influencer program, enhancing awareness across their entire product ecosystem.

LM Influencers

The Social Solution





Alienware needed a partner to elevate their presence on social media, a re-imagining of their primary YouTube series strategy, and a new approach to content that resonated with young, passionate gamers. Beam in Liquid Media! 

With a partnership spanning almost two years, we curated a vast catalog of short-form and long-form content, resulting in a significant increase in engagement on Alienware’s social platforms. Our creative approach, informed by thorough research, aided us in attracting a new, younger demographic.